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From Strength to Legacy: Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence with SMWPI Wood Products Inc.

From Strength to Legacy: Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence with SMWPI Wood Products Inc.

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In a celebration in Davao City, SMWPI Wood Products Inc. celebrated its momentous 100th-year anniversary. This celebration marked a century of manufacturing consistently high-quality wood grade and marine plywood products in the country. 


Established in 1923, SMWPI remains an industry leader known for its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community engagement. The company’s flagship product, Santa Clara Marine Plywood, has set the gold standard for marine plywood, and is used by local and international boat makers, home builders, and furniture makers. 


Santa Clara is known as the go-to marine-grade plywood in the Philippines and around the world. Marine plywood differs from standard plywood in the way that it is manufactured. There are various grades of marine plywood, and it is preferred over other forms of similar construction material for one reason: Quality. 


When it comes to high-quality marine-grade plywood, Santa Clara is unmatched. It can withstand all weather conditions, which makes it the first choice not just for boats, but for furniture and house construction as well. Each sheet of Santa Clara must pass SMWPI’s stringent quality assurance process, which involves a 72-hour boiling test to ensure that the product is of the utmost quality.


Throughout its decades-long history, SMWPI has played an important role in the economic development of its surrounding communities in Davao and Agusan by providing employment opportunities and actively participating in various social and environmental initiatives. These initiatives include providing ready-to-plant falcata and mahogany seedlings for free, and building projects (a daycare center, chapels, and so on).


SMWPI’s success is closely intertwined with the success of its employees, several of who have been with the company for over 20 years, or whose families have been with the company for generations. The company’s dedication to maintaining a supportive work culture has been key in fostering loyalty and among its staff.


As part of the 100th-anniversary celebration, SMWPI presented awards and expressed appreciation to their dedicated employees. Randy Ng, Executive Vice President of SMWPI, shared, “Kung wala kayo, wala rin ang kumpanya ngayon. Malaking pasasalamat ng Management sa inyong lahat dahil kung nag-iisa kami, hindi kayo tumutulong, hindi rin tayo aabot hanggang ngayon. Ang ating hangarin ay nag-iisa; hindi tayo nagkakaiba ng hangarin. Huwag lang nating kakalimutan ang ating values at kung paano tayo umabot ng hundred years at sigurado another hundred years, or two hundred years, hindi imposible.” (Without you, the company would not exist today. The Management is very thankful for all of you because if we were alone, without your help, we would not have made it to today. Our purpose is the same; we don’t have different purposes. Let’s not forget our values ​​and how we reached a hundred years and for sure another hundred years, or two hundred years, is not impossible.)


SMWPI Wood Products Inc. looks forward to a strong and sustainable future as it builds upon a proud legacy of excellence, hard work, and resilience. As the company marks its 100th year, it reaffirms its dedication to provide the best that the Philippines can offer when it comes to high-quality wood grade and marine plywood products.


About SMWPI Wood Products Inc.

SMWPI Wood Products Inc. (SMWPI) is the Philippines’ leading manufacturer of top-quality wood grade and marine plywood since 1923. With modern facilities in Toril, Davao City, and Esperanza, Agusan Del Sur, SMWPI is committed to excellence. We carefully select premium raw materials, employ advanced production techniques, and maintain strict quality standards.


Our Santa Clara Marine Plywood is the preferred choice for boat builders, contractors, and furniture makers. Our success is attributed to our dedicated team of over 1,000 employees, fostering loyalty and commitment.


SMWPI is ISO 9001 aligned and BPS Certified (LIC NO Q-0248), serving satisfied customers not only in the Philippines but also across Asia.


Benjamin Ng, President of SMWPI Wood Products Inc., warmly addresses their guests at their 100th year anniversary celebration. In attendance were dedicated employees, valued suppliers and partners, and the grateful beneficiaries of their impactful CSR initiatives


Top management and executives of SMWPI Wood Products Inc. raise a toast to celebrate the company’s remarkable 100th anniversary in Davao City From Left to Right: Donny Ang (Assistant Manager), Ramir Balansag (General Manager), Randy Ng (Executive Vice President), Ricardo Lee (Vice Chairman), Pedro Chao (Chairman) Wilson Chiam (Treasurer) Wesley Ng (on behalf of Mr. Benjamin Ng, President) and Ethel Tomas (Assistant Manager)


Randy Ng, SMWPI Wood Products Inc. Executive Vice President, appreciates their employees’ contributions and unity, driving the company’s century of success and paving the way for greater milestones ahead
Elenita Homol, among many others, was awarded a loyalty award for being with the company for 31 years and counting. The award was given by SMWPI Wood Products Inc.’s Executive Vice President, Randy Ng (Left), and honorary guest Peter Chao (Right), on behalf of Chairman Pedro Chao


SMWPI Wood Products Inc. honors Cenon Perez (Middle), 95 years old, with a Lifetime Appreciation Award. Cenon Perez has been with the company in its early years, a true testament to the company’s rich history. He was awarded by Randy Ng (Left), Executive Vice President, and honorary guest Peter Chao (Right), on behalf of Chairman Pedro Chao